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Associate Pastor
of Family Discipleship

To apply send résumé and application to

The Associate Pastor serves by equipping households to serve the Lord and build up the church (Ephesians 4:12). We desire for the associate pastor to help GNF attenders of all generations and giftings identify how God has wired them and help them find places to serve that leverage their strengths and further our mission of multiplying and equipping households of faith.  The primary areas of responsibility for this position are youth and families.


  1. A committed follower of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

  2. A person of integrity who lives out the gospel with humility, grace, and truth (1 Timothy 3:1-7).

Youth Responsiblities

​The Associate Pastor is responsible for overseeing the youth ministry. We believe that God has called us to invest heavily in our young people, discipling them to become lifelong followers of Jesus. Godly leaders are developed over time through intentional relationships that equip and build them up. A key component is equipping parents in the discipleship of their children.

Key Functions

  • Leading and coordinating youth events.

  • Primary teacher at youth events.

  • Recruiting and developing a volunteer team of adults to love and mentor students.

  • Active participation with youth throughout the week.

Family Discipleship Responsibilities


The Associate Pastor will work to equip families to be vibrant households of faith. We believe God instituted the family and designed them to be the primary place of spiritual development. Households who commit to Jesus’ lordship experience his presence, forgiveness, and blessing. This happens as households read scripture, pray, and live out together their faith. The associate pastor will shepherd households to work together to experience God’s love, wholeness, and peace in their homes and generously extend this blessing to others. 

Key Functions

  1. Equip households to live out their faith.

  2. Organize outreach to community families.

  3. Facilitate family events.

  4. Work with local resources.

Essential Competencies

  • Teaching: Able to provide Scripture-centered teaching.

  • Administration: Able to communicate and coordinate details.

  • Leadership: A servant leader who is committed to stewarding the strengths, resources, and ministry God entrusts them.

  • Teambuilding: Success in this role will involve identifying, recruiting, and equipping the strengths of others.

Staff Supervision and Development

  1. Participate in weekly staff meetings.

  2. Recruit, equip, and coach a team of adult volunteers to invest their time, talent, and treasures in the work of discipling students.

  3. Cultivate spiritual gifting among the youth to develop student leadership in an ongoing fashion. 

  4. Maintain efficient and effective lines of communication.

Preferred Experience

  • 3+ years in ministry leadership or similar such as teaching, management leadership, non-profit experience, etc.

  • Biblical degree preferred.

Evaluation and Accountability

  • The Associate Pastor will report to the Lead Pastor.

  • Additional duties as assigned by Lead Pastor.

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