The Church's History

Our Roots

The Mennonite Church has its roots in the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. During that time, there were those who taught and practiced “believers” baptism as distinguished from “infant” baptism. They believed the Scriptures to teach that man can accept forgiveness of sin only as he comes to the age of accountability, or as he becomes conscious of the guilt of sin. Many who were converted under the teachings of these men had been baptized as infants. As they were converted they were re-baptized upon confession of their new-found faith and, therefore, become known as Anabaptists. A priest named Menno Simons was a leader of this Anabaptist movement whose followers later became known as Mennonites.

The Brethren

The Mennonite Brethren Church is the third largest Mennonite group. It was born about one hundred years ago as a result of spiritual revival in the Mennonite Church. This revival came about as groups of believers met in homes for fellowship and Bible study. They called themselves Brethren because of the close spiritual kinship they felt as a result of these small group meetings in Bible study.

Good News Fellowship

Good News Fellowship started in 1980 when ten families from the Birch Bay MB Church felt led by God to plant a church in Ferndale under the leadership of Pastor Harold Schroeder. Over the years, we have expanded our facilities several times. We have followed the principle that we don’t beg and we don’t borrow so we always raise the necessary funds before spending them. God has honored this and we remain debt free.

Our Shepherds

Pastor Skip Suess became our senior pastor in 1994 after the Lord took Pastor Harold home. In 2007 after 13 years of faithful service Pastor Skip resigned to pursue his love of Family Counseling. In 2008 Good News Fellowship called Pastor Bill Koogler as the new Lead Pastor. Pastor Bill resigned in 2015 and went overseas to pastor a church in Dubai.

Good News Fellowship called Pastor Tim Johnson in 2016 as our next pastor. Recently, in 2019 Pastor Tim stepped into a part-time role as Pastor of Care and Mentorship. At the same time Pastor Luke LeViere was called to serve as Pastor of Teaching and Administration and Justin Goble was called to serve as our Youth Pastor.