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Family Discipleship Director

To apply send résumé and application to

At Good News Fellowship, we are a growing community of households of faith who are experiencing the good news of Jesus Christ. The Family Discipleship Director will work with the Lead Pastor to carry out the mission of GNF to multiply, equip, and empower households of faith by overseeing and coordinating family discipleship. 

Key Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Administration – Works with leadership teams to organize a calendar of small and large group discipleship opportunities and ensures that all necessary details and logistics are handled in each step of the process with the goal of walking through the process of discipleship at Good News Fellowship.

  2. Collaborate weekly with the Lead Pastor to explore ways to best achieve GNF vision and strategy. 

  3. Visitors – Communicates ministry opportunities and next steps with all visitors to Good News Fellowship and responds to all necessary follow-up regarding these opportunities. 

  4. Households of Faith – Assists in scheduling, organizing and communicating Household of Faith cohorts with the church body. 

  5. Life Groups – Communicates with current Life Group Leaders to identify available space and needs within groups and works to place all new members into a GNF Life Group. 

  6. Communication – Assists the Lead Pastor and leadership team in effectively communicating discipleship opportunities and needs with the church family.

  7. Plans and coordinates discipleship and outreach events.

  8. Coordinates with other ministries of the church in order to achieve cohesion and alignment with GNF vision.

  9. Recruits and develops teams.

  10. Coordinate administrative and communication details with the Secretary.

Spiritual Qualifications (Leadership Qualities 1 Timothy 3:1-7)

  1. Demonstrate a passion for Christ and his Kingdom through personal spiritualdiscipline and public ministry.

  2. Seek to grow in that relationship with Christ through personal spiritual discipline, education, accountability and service to his Kingdom.

  3. Integrity: Must be above reproach.

  4. Competency: Able to develop, lead, implement, and maintain systems that help people connect with our church and grow spiritually.

  5. Chemistry: Able to fit in and work within a team environment and have healthy relationships and seamless fit into both the church and work ethic being teachable.


  1. 3+ discipleship ministry experience preferred (or similar experience) 

  2. Ability to build and develop a team

  3. Strong attention to detail

  4. Motivated self-starter

  5. Ability to oversee a large number of tasks simultaneously

Other Duties/Information

  1. The Family Discipleship Director will become a member of Good News Fellowship and engage in the missional life of the body.

  2. The Lead Pastor will give the Family Discipleship Director an annual evaluation each year, the results of which will be communicated to the Elder Board for salaryrecommendations.

  3. Hours: We expect this position to be approximately 20 hour/week commitment.

  4. Compensation: The pay will be monthly depending on experience

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