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Youth Director

To apply send résumé and application to

The Youth Ministry Director at Good News Fellowship (GNF) focuses on building young disciples for Christ. The Youth Director will develop and build student ministry to equip students to be lifelong followers of Jesus. The Director will serve as an engaging spiritual leader and role model with a strong biblical background. 

Leadership Responsibility

  1. Provide spiritual leadership and administrative oversight to GNF youth ministry (grades 6-12) that aligns with GNF’s mission.

    To lead a weekly practice time for the worship teams.

  2. Provides Bible-centered teaching.  Responsible for teaching GNF youth ministries.

  3. Model and lead GNF’s mission of multiplying, equipping, and empowering households of faith.

  4. Effectively communicate and champion GNF’s mission, values, and vision.

  5. Provide administrative leadership to GNF youth ministry.

  6. Any other duties assigned by the Lead Pastor.

Essential Goals

  1. Cast a vision for a healthy youth ministry that starts with GNF’s current youth and volunteers and grows to a ministry with greater Christian influence.

  2. Build an effective youth ministry that partners with families and the larger church family to promote Christian growth through teaching, fellowship, service, worship, and evangelism.

  3. Recruit and train volunteers to work in all aspects of youth ministry.

  4. Equip students with a Biblical worldview through teaching the Bible and basic theology in a youth context. We want students to make their faith their own so they can begin the lifelong process of discipleship by the time they graduate from high school.

  5. Establish and oversee regular youth gatherings such as youth group and life groups for both middle school and high school students.

  6. Organize, plan, and execute special events (outreach, summer/winter camp, mission trips, retreats, etc.).

  7. Devote regular time to prayer for GNF youth, congregation, current ministries, and future planning.


  1. Provide spiritual guidance and mentoring youth that aligns with Scripture and church ministry strategy.

  2. Maintain a flexible schedule that allows for scheduled visits with youth in a variety of ways (i.e., attendance at extracurricular activities, times of crisis, etc.).

  3. Regularly attend and participate in Sunday morning church services and other GNF events. Specific ministry assignments for these gatherings will be assigned by the Lead Pastor.

  4. Encourage youth to participate in Sunday morning church services and actively find places to use their gifts to serve at GNF and beyond.

  5. Serve as a model to the youth in areas of day-to-day life, especially regarding: 

  6. Building disciples

  7. Engaging with those who are not followers of Christ

  8. Being a godly spouse and parent

  9. Being a responsible steward of time and finances

  10. Commit to establishing transparency and authentic accountability with the pastoral team and elders that enable an environment that gives and receives encouragement, prayer, feedback, and accountability.


  1. Live out the gospel mission within the Ferndale community (1 Tim. 3:7).

  2. Develop a youth ministry that equips and empowers students to multiply passionate and experienced followers of Jesus.

Staff Supervision and Development

  1. Participate in weekly staff meetings.

  2. Recruit, equip, and coach a team of adult volunteers to invest their time, talent, and treasures in the work of discipling students.

  3. Cultivate spiritual gifting among the youth to develop student leadership in an ongoing fashion. 

  4. Maintain efficient and effective lines of communication.


  1. 3+ years of youth ministry experience. 

  2. Biblical degree preferred

Evaluation and Accountability

  1. The Youth Ministry Director will become a member of Good News Fellowship and engage in the missional life of the body.

  2. Reports to the Lead Pastor

  3. Provides updates to the Elder Team when asked regarding ministry activity, successes, problems, and challenges.

  4. The Lead Pastor will give the Youth Director an annual evaluation, the results of which will be communicated to the Elder Board for salary recommendations.

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