Who are the Mennenite Bretheren?

We are a family of Christians who are connected through Christ and have committed to serve him together. At our core are both Anabaptist and Evangelical roots. These roots are the basis for our Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith which is our authoritative guide for biblical interpretation, theological identity, and ethical practice. Mennonite Brethren beliefs are represented by the following five essentials.

Simple Biblicism.

In all settings and to all questions, MB’s have responded with, “What does the Bible say?”

Christ is seen as the center and source of our life.

We understand the Bible to be read through the eyes of the New Testament because Christ has come as God’s ultimate self-disclosure. Furthermore, Christ is both our Savior and the model of how we are to live.

We see the church as a community of faith.

Entrance into its membership occurs through confession of faith in Christ and baptism upon that confession. We see ourselves responsible to support, encourage, and hold one another accountable in our journey of faith. We cannot become mature believers without other parts of the body of Christ.

We see the gospel as good news.

When we put our faith in Christ, a process of transformation takes place. Not only do we believe that such faith will allow us to one day spend eternity in heaven, but it also removes the barriers between God and ourselves, gives us peace within, and sets us on a path of living as reconciled people in our world.

We have an urgent calling to witness to the presence of Christ in our lives.

The evangelistic impulse has been strong among Mennonite Brethren from the beginning. The desire to plant new churches and be involved in seeing friends and neighbors come to know Christ has strongly